Basement Wall Insulation

The energy efficiency of your home can increase improving the basement wall insulation. A basement’s floor keeps warm over it more comfortable and requires less energy to heat these areas. One way more fast and efficient to add insulation in the walls of your basement is applied rigid foam insulation panels. It is a work that is within the capabilities of the average homeowner. Measure the walls paneled foam overlay. Outlines the walls on a piece of graph paper and plan your installation based on the size of the panels. It’s much less likely that waste material if you plan ahead your requirements.

Cut the foam panels to conform to a sharp knife and removing excess pieces where needed. Place your first panel foam against the basement wall insulation in a corner to check fit. Lower the panel and applies an S-shaped cord construction adhesive on the wall where fit the panel. Place the panel on the adhesive and press firmly for several minutes, until it is set in place.

Subsequent placed basement wall insulation alongside the previously installed panels and check fit. Apply adhesive and paste each panel upwards. It covers the joints between panels with vinyl tape if all files are installed. This prevents seepage of air.

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