Cleaning Surface Marble Coffee Table

Cleaning surface marble coffee table – Marble is a type of soft limestone, based on calcium which can be composed of materials of various impurities such as sand, silt, clay or iron. These impurities give color and patterns that make it unique. The objects made from marble, including decorative pieces and functional furniture such as tables and countertops, are valued for their appearance. Marble is generally a soft stone that can damage or stain easily. It is necessary to treat the surface with care so that the table looks in perfect condition. Removes stains with a soft cloth as soon as they occur. If the stain has been there too long to dry, moisten with water and remove it. If possible, do not refriegues on the stain, as this could cause more damage.

Prepare a solution of one part baking soda and nine parts water for general cleaning surface marble coffee table. You can also remove them with a mild dishwashing detergent diluted in hydrogen peroxide. Carefully clean the table using a soft cloth and a solution of baking soda and water. Remove the solution thoroughly with cold water. Dry the table with a soft cloth. If you let it air dry can be opaque.

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