Decorative Pillow Covers

The decorative pillow covers coated to bed cover decorative pillows that are placed on a bed. Are in the bedding section in stores and are often sold as part of a set of linens. These add a finished look to a made ​​bed and aim to coordinate with a quilt, blanket or duvet comforter. Such covers are an important accessory to consider when decorating a room.

Often confused terms cover decorative pillow covers ordinary pillow covered. Both are designed to cover pillows of the bed, but their purposes are different. The covers are functional and are used for sleeping and coated sleeves are used for decoration only. The covers of pillow ordinary and coated are designed to fit over the four common sizes of pillows for sleeping, which are standard, king and European.

The covers of decorative pillow covers can be purchased or made ​​in a variety of styles. A common style of such cases has a simple, symmetrical rim. A flange is a flat piece of fabric extending beyond the edge of a pillow on all four sides. This style of bag is suitable for modern or traditional decor. A very modern style sheath often has a knife edge detail on all four side seams.

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