Easy Create Round Decorative Pillows

Almost anyone can do round decorative pillows. They are easy to build; biggest challenge is deciding what color cushion match your decor. Cut two rectangles of fabric 1 meter high and 40 cm wide. Reverse side of each rectangle you are creating a pattern of dots for shirring detail that goes round decorative pillows. In center of each piece of fabric you’ll score 3 rows of dots separated by 3 cm, as shown below. Brand diagonals connecting dots to indicate where you will spend needle and thread. Once ready, sew two strips of fabric by narrowest side, connecting two ends to get a ring of fabric. You can do it by machine or by hand.

Threading needle and begins to connect you drew lines to form folds, one column at a time. When you’re done you’ll have a similar image form. Surrounding foam pad with fabric and on a flat surface accommodates excess folds. With a needle and thread, begins to unite in central ends of fabric on one side, passing thread through edge and pushing to close. Repeat other side and ends with button covering end where folds are attached. And you get new round decorative pillows.

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