Hanging Basement Insulation

If you plan to complete a project to finish your basement or simply trying to make it more comfortable, hanging insulation in basement walls can provide a barrier to prevent heat loss and make your home more energy efficient. For basement walls built of cinder blocks or poured concrete, smooth surface of the foam board makes it a good choice for basement insulation. Land cleans the walls with a power washer to provide a better surface for the adhesive.

Measured short walls panels and foam board basement insulation that fit measures against placing a straight edge and the cutting line creating a line of marks with a knife. Bankruptcy table on the cut line. Apply adhesive polyethylene foam insulation to the first panel. Hold the panel vertically and attach it to the wall by placing it in the corner against the floor and pressing firmly against the wall.

Follow installing the basement insulation panels along the bottom wall, repeating the process used to install the first panel. Panels installed in the second row, if necessary. Measure and cut and install them horizontally on the wall immediately above the panels of the first row. When installing the panels in the second row to the four corners of adjacent panels are not in place.

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