How to Create a Closet Shoe Rack

When you are trying to organize your closet, you may end up spending a lot of money in the cabinet accessories that are designed to keep your closet organized as a shoemaker. One solution is to make your own closet shoe rack to organize shoes in your closet without making you spend too much money in the meantime. Make a closet shoe rack crafted to your closet using a low-cost craft materials. Place one of 1-by-12-by-24 inch long pieces of wood standing, then a hole in the side of the plate.

In the 12 inch side board position hole 8 inches from the left edge and the bottom edge 2 inches. Drill two holes in a second board, positioning the holes in the exact places as the first board. Place the two tables are side by side, aligning the holes for defending the boards on their edges.

Insert a wooden dowel between the first two small holes created by the drill 1/8 inches. Insert a wooden dowel in the middle of the second two holes. Sand the entire form with sandpaper medium grain, again with fine sandpaper grain. Place the closet shoe rack on the floor with plugs placed parallel to the ground.

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