Problems with Basement Floor Tiles

Ceramic tiles can be ideal for placing on the floor of a basement. They can be cold during the winter, but humidity remains a concern, unlike the case of carpets and hardwood floors. Also, the tiles can be used to cover a concrete floor. However, basement floor tiles can lift and turn from white cement lines that connect them. There are several problems that can cause this. The basement is very close to the ground.

This is the reason why basements often have problems of moisture and being colder than the rest of the house. This also means that when the foundations are based, the basement floor tiles do too, including concrete subfloor. While wood floors above can provide sufficient flexibility to the higher floors, basement tiles can be twisted by the movement.

The foundation is not the only part of the basement that may be subject to movements. The walls may also extend over time, due to a natural process caused by changes in temperature and humidity. The ground on which the basement floor tiles are installed is also important. If it is weakened and cannot provide sufficient support for the tiles, they can move and stand up over time.

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