Process of Build a Basement

Basements are under a house and can be fully or partially underground. Besides being the basis of a home, many homeowners use the basement as living room, exercise room or extra bedroom. Before construction begins build a basement, the property must be excavated to create a hole in the ground. Structural engineer who can be determined how deep the hole according to the type of soil, the frost line and the depth of water is called. The excavation must be done below the frost line and above the water line to avoid chronic basement flooding.

Build a basement is made of concrete, a mixture of water, cement sand and gravel. The relationship for placing concrete is 6 gallons (22 l) of water to 1 cubic foot of cement. According to the Extension of the University of Missouri, the floor is 10 cm thick. The square footage of the basement depends on the size of the house.

Although concrete is strong and durable, not much tension or bending capacity. Over time, you can start i crack due to soil pressure, which can cause leaks and other problems in the basement. The walls must be reinforced with steel for extra strength and dexterity. And placing the steel depends on the size of the build a basement.

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