Small Closet Organization Ideas

Small closet organization ideas can seem like a daunting task, but with a little effort of the organization allows you to find things quickly and efficiently. Place items in the same color and type together. Grouped by sleeve length also helps organize clothes. Put in a section skirts, pants in another. If possible, save only the right clothes for the season in his closet. Outside the winter or summer clothes should be stored in an attic or basement area or out of the way storage boxes under-the-bed.

Small closet organization ideas by adding two or more closet rods at different heights. A lower bar works well for skirts and pants. Place a high bar for shirts, jackets and suits. You will be able to detect the item you want to use quickly by organizing clothes this way.

Small closet organization ideas use storage boxes clear plastic folding laundry, and store the boxes on a high shelf. This is particularly useful for items such as sweaters that can stretch out of shape on a hanger. Place cartons with weight on top of the heavier. Label the ends of the storage boxes with a self-adhesive or tape on a card that lists the items inside label.

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